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La Beauty Doll Model Days are a fantastic opportunity to book our treatments at a fraction of the usual costs. At La Beauty Dolls we have two types of model days:

1.  An external model day where student aesthetic practitioners will perform procedures  on models including botox, dermal fillers, aqualyx and/or any other procedure. 

2. An external model day whereby already qualified practitioners come to La Beauty Dolls for 1 on 1 shadowing/learning opportunities. Models can also be for online training purposes.

All procedures performed on models will be overseen by our Nurse Practitioner or our owner. 

To keep up to date with our model days please follow us on Instagram @Labeautydollls 

How Do I Book a Model Day?

Please apply your interest in the form below and you will be contacted with dates available for the treatment you would like to model for. We will give you plenty of time to let you know when our next model day. 

What Are the Prices for Model Days? 

The cost of treatments will be considerably reduced. Treatments costs will be decided and released prior to the event.

When are your model days? 

We don’t have set days for our model days but we will always allow plenty of notice for you to book in advance.

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Thanks for applying!   We’ll get back to you soon.

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