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Soluble monofilament threads are placed under the clients skin via a cannula. In time, the threads dissolve. This causes the growth of collagen and other compounds in the body that heal and rejuvenate skin. You'll often see a difference straight after this amazing non surgical treatment but final results will be seen approximately 3 months later. Treated areas will be lifted, skin will be smoother and tightened giving a refreshed, more youthful appearance!

Mono Threads

Middle/Lower Face Mono Thread

Lift facial tissues and tighten your skin! This can help to soften smile lines, marionette lines and improve the jawline/jowl area.

Mono Eyebrow Lift 

Feel like your brows are too flat? No problem! We can lift your brows to give you a better arch and a 'fox eye' look can also be acheived.
Brow Lift
PDO Threads

Fox Eye Cog Threadlift 

We can create a foxy eye threadlift using barbed cog threads. Cog threads produce collage and give you that cat eye look. Results are immediate and last 6-8 months. 

Cheek PDO Threadlift 

The cheek PDO thread lift is perfect to create a lifted face and bring structure and definition.  Results are immediate and last 6-8 months. 
Cheeck Threadlift
Jawline Augmentation

Jawline PDO Threadlift 

Get a snatched jawline and get rid of those saggy jowls with our jawline PDO threadlift. This procedure can significantly tighten the lower face while producing collagen and lifting the skin.  
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